Cambodia Villages Along the Mekong

 Sunrise from aboard the Mekong Jewel 
To visit some of the remote villages the crew had to get close to shore and put out a gangplank 

Houses on stilts for the floods during monsoon 
Preparing her herbal medicine 

She invited us into her home
Busy sidewalk 

Buddhist nuns waiting for VIP monk 
VIP monk has the red carpet put out for him

Peanut processing 

Platform for VIP monk
Long red carpet 

Local police 

A local farmer charges $.25 for a weekly English class. We listened to the children read in English and they listened to us read to them so they could mimic our accents. We were also able to provide them with school supplies ❤️. This young man wants to be a doctor.

Charlottes study buddy, Tavy; she wants to be a tour guide when she grows up

Mark receiving red bracelet as part of water blessing 

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