South Korea, Seoul Part 2

Spent the last few days in Seoul overlooking the Han River (with an unexpected complimentary room upgrade in the Yeongdeungpo Financial District. Nice change from our first stay three weeks ago in a more touristy area. Not ready to leave - there are many more places to see, and mysterious food to eat!

A bunch of 8-10 year old kids ran into a park, spread out their blankets in front of us, took off their shoes, and emptied their backpacks - all filled with snacks and toys. We asked their teacher if we could photograph their snacks as a memory for us. The kids were all so sweet, and even shared their snacks with us. As we walked away one kid ran after us and handed us M&Ms 😊

Rush hour commute!! We definitely felt like locals!

Gang num style. There is a speaker nearby with Psy’s 2012 song playing on a continuous loop. People jump in front of the statue and dance “gang num style”

Starfield Library, Starfield Mall, futuristic library on two levels. Took Charlotte four times up the escalator to choose a book 😀

Bongeunsa Temple

No wonder they have so many peaceful shrines, after that commute they need them 

Part of large hand-painted ceiling

K-Star Road, celebrating the stars of Korean pop

Lobby of the Conrad Hilton


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