Split and Šibenik / Leg 7 Croatia/Slovenia

We turned the rent-a-car in and spent a couple of days exploring Split again (we spent a few days here back in 2008) before boarding a small boat week long island hopping cruse. 



World class regatta was going on when we were in Split. 
Crowd watching Regatta

Cambridge England beat Split in the final for the gold

First night we stayed in Split 
Adriatic Queen

Early morning departure

Adriatic Queen
Only 20 passengers and an amazing crew (and Chef) 

Nice to unpack for a while

Swimming in great quiet spots everyday

Great food

Hoppy approved

Capt Marko / Ready to explore

Hike around the falls near Šibenik

Cat on a hot terra cotta roof

Exploring Šibenik to see if we want to come back for longer 
after the cruse when we pick up another car. That's a strong yes

Bullet holes in door from the war

Came across this wedding at the Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik


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