Zürich, and the Appenzell region

From South Africa to neutrality :-) … our first few days in Switzerland: Zürich,
and the cowbell country of the Appenzell region

Zurich’s main train station, opened in 1847

Rode the cable car 5380 ft up to Ebanlap, then walked an hour to the cave church and cliffside restaurant

Cliffside restaurant built 170 years ago, originally to house farmers, goats, and cows. It evolved into a lodge and restaurant

Twice a year farmers start a ceremonial procession of flower bedecked cows and formal folk costumes moving their herds from the high pastures to the lower areas

Appenzell sausage break

Fun taking a luge ride in Kronburg, weeeee!

Took a train from Appenzell to Wasserauen, then a cable car to Ebenalp, and an hour hike uphill

Appenzell, on the East coast of Switzerland, very close to Liechtenstein

Appenzell is a quaint little town with lots to do in the surrounding areas

                                                            Handmade toy shop, Appenzell
Folk Museum in nearby Urnäsch
Charlotte in her happy place at the Lindt Chocolate Museum

Hoppy enjoying the nice weather at our Airbnb

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