Poland: Zamosc, Sandomierz, Zalipie, (Painted Houses)

Founded in the late 16th century as a trade route link between northwest Europe and the Black Sea, and modeled on Italian trading cities of the period, Zamosc is an exquisite example of a Renaissance town, complete with its original layouts and fortifications. The old city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its colorful Town Hall and Market Square are just two of the many lovely attractions here. Located in far southeast Poland, Zamosc is just 40 miles from the Ukrainian border.

Zalipie, It is known for its tradition of painting special, folksy flower patterns. The whole village is painted and it charms people with its special atmosphere. There is no other place like that – the paintings are unique. And they are everywhere – not only houses are painted, but also barns, dog kennels, walls, furniture, fences, clothes.

Sandomierz, often called “a little Rome (because of its location on seven hills), is one of the prettiest towns in Poland

Knight jousting tournament  


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