Osaka and quick stop in Kobe

Osaka, considered “Japan’s Kitchen”,
and for good reason. Day trip to Himeji Castle, with a quick stop in Kobe.

In Osaka for a week then to Miyajima Island, a small island in Hiroshima Bay. 

Times Square area of Osaka, and the famous Glico running man. Osaka is a large port city, and is known for modern architecture, nightlife, and street food

Pretty easy to tell what the restaurants are serving by the outside signs🥟

Namba Yasaka Shrine, unique and quiet in the center of Osaka

Vending machines sell everything!

Hoppy enjoying the long train ride to Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle, dates back to 1333

Osaka castle

Umeda sky building

Go parlor  

Japanese fluffy pancakes, soooo good!

Belliken are happy little statues around the city. Rub their feet (but not their toes!) for good luck

Dried marinated stingray, dip it in soy sauce and then mayo

Lemon sours are quite popular here. Made with shochu (like a Japanese vodka), fresh lemon, and soda water

Freshwater eel

Really big shrimp

What was shrimp and scallops

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