Spain: Madrid

March 23, 2022 

Selecting to go to Madrid started off like many of our travels. It was on the long list of places we want to go and Charlotte found a cheap flight. We have been to Spain several times but have yet to see some of the highlights, (Madrid, Granada, … see list in post before this one). We wanted this trip to be longer and booked a two-month roundtrip airfare to Madrid.  After several days in Madrid our plan was to fill in our Spain gaps for a month and then fly to another European area and then back to Madid at the end of the two months; trying to save time at the end to continue eating our way around Madrid at the end of the two months. Long story short, we did, visiting Scandinavia for about a month before spending our last for days in Madrid.

 We love Madrid and the world class museums and city itself could keep one entertained and engaged, but take all that away and Madrid is worth it just for the food. Food combined with above is worth several months of exploration.

Plaza Mayor

Puerta del Sol or Gate of the Sun is considered the center of Madrid and Spain

A little bit of Portugal in Madid

This picture was featured in the Washington Post's 23 annual Travel photo contest

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