Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden, Norway

 Billund (Jutland) > Aero Island > Odense > Copenhagen > Malmo > Kalmar > Visby > Stockholm > Karlstad > Oslo > Fläm > Bergen

Overview Map

Billund (Jutland) 

Aero Island




Night time at Tívoli Gardens (opened in 1843) 

Visby, Sweden, “the village of roses and ruins”, (to early for roses). It is considered the best-preserved medieval city in Scandinavia and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Among the most notable ruins is 2.1 mile long town wall that encircles the town center, and a number of church ruins. The largest town on the small island of Gotland It took a fun 3.5 hour ferry ride to get here.

Flåm and surrounding areas by 🚂🚤⛴🚌

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway, but has a small town vibe. It is known for being the gateway to the fjords of West Norway. 


Norway celebrates its National Day, called Constitution Day, on 17 May, and many Norwegians don the national costume, the bunad, for the celebrations. The holiday marks the day the Norwegian constitution was signed in 1814 after it became independent after separating from Denmark. Norwegians celebrate with champagne, hotdogs, and ice cream!


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