Poland: Klodzko & Area

Kłodzko, Poland is located in the southwest corner of Poland close to the border of the Czech Republic. This area of Poland is very picturesque and can be likened to the rolling hills and open fields that you will find in the Napa Valley of California.

Klodzko manages to enchant at first sight. Owing to fortunate historical circumstances it is one of few Polish towns able to evade any serious damage.

Park Narodowy Gór Stołowych (Table Mountains National Park) Table Mountains National Park, located in southwest Poland, is known for its extremely unique rock formations. The landscape in this region began 70 million years ago. Today there are rock formations created from erosion that have left behind labyrinths.

Hoppy makes a friend

Minieuroland - Miniature Theme Park

Great airb&b, but a bit of a climb ;-)


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