Elblag, (Grass Boat), Malborg Castle

A very unique boat ride along an engineering marvel in northern Poland passing through beautiful wetlands. Westarted at the marina in Buczyniec, The ship begins its cruise on the first of five consecutive inclined planes. Then, with the help of special hydrotechnical devices, it “descends” five times together with its passengers, thus overcoming the nearly 100-meter difference in height over a distance of about 10 km. 

Brother John

Malbork Castle, a blockbuster Gothic behemoth spread across 52 acres (2.27million square feet) on the east bank of the River Nogat in Malbork. The show-stopping medieval leviathan - a Unesco World Heritage Site - took 132 years to build, contains 30million bricks and is around double the size of Buckingham Palace and four times bigger than Windsor Castle. 


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