Village Life along the Mekong Delta of Vietnam

22 million people live in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, which is 1/2 the size of the island of Tasmania off of Australia. In comparison, Cambodia has a total population of 16 million. We just crossed into Cambodia (no pictures yet) and it was immediately apparent, as the hustle and bustle of the Vietnam waterways transformed into the peaceful waters of Cambodia.

Local island transportation

Typical village house

Mobile 7/11

Hanging out in backyard

We were able to visit the inside of a local villager’s home. their stove is typical of the region.

Illegal shock fishing

Large village market 


Rambutan fruit, similar to lychee and has a small stone in the center

Bottom right is rat

Rice husks going to brick factory for fuel 

Wealthy person‘s house, from the novel “The Lovers”. True story of a French woman who fell in love with a rich Vietnamese/Chinese man. It didn’t work out. House is now a museum.

Room divider panel from the house above.

Noice the safety footwear 

This boat builder can make 20 small boats a month. He sells them for about $55 each and makes about $10 profit per boat. Here he’s heating up a small strip of wood to bend it

A true Vietnamese conical hat has 16 internal rings.

Hand making cement pots for bonsai trees

Boat house 

 Fresh water tuk-tuk

 Moonshine still

Island sidewalk 

Making rosters cages

Our transportation to small islands 

Making puffed rice treats 

Making rice paper used in springrolls

Snake moonshine 

Dried bananas 

Catholic church on small island (Franciscan), 17% of the population of Vietnam is Catholic.

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