Da Nang, Marble Mountains, Hoi An, and Ba Na Hills

Opps, this post should have come before Saigon.

Heading from Hue to Da Nang there were 100s of roadside stands selling Lemongrass and Cinnamon oil.

Stop at lagoon where oysters are grown for pearls, and consumption 🦪

Da Nang beach after crossing mountain pass between Hue and Da Nang

Da Nang dragon bridge, designed by an American.

Marble Mountains, lots of Baddest caves 

Hoi An, Japanese Bridge 

Heading to farm outside of town for cooking class.

Cooking teacher’s 80yo mother 

Hoi An

Lanterns everywhere 

Ba Na Hills Used to be a French resort in the 1920s. Now the mountaintop has been developed into a Disney-esque French themed park. We got there in time to see the tulip festival. They planted over 1 1/2 million tulips.

Golden Bridge

World’s longest cable car ride 

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