Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls & Verney’s Camp

Known as the "land of great Zimbabwe," Zimbabwe offers a blend of nature and culture from Victoria Falls and Hwange's wildlife to Great Zimbabwe's medieval stone ruins and 16+ official languages. Though facing challenges, this southern African country remains an undiscovered gem with compelling landscapes, national parks, and hospitable people waiting to be explored.


Charlotte’s and my personal rule is that we have to spend the night in a country to add it to our life list. Hoppy doesn’t play by our rules, so I put my foot over the border so he could claim Zambia 🇿🇲. This makes 38 countries for Hoppy and he’s only 8 years old. He loves his new hat. He is a big boy now!

Hoppy says, Dr. Livingstone, I presume

Victoria Falls on an overcast day

Bridge to Zambia

Baobab tree

At an elephant rescue outside of Victoria Falls


Bridge view from the Victoria Falls Hotel overlooking Zambia

Ack, not another tiny plane! / Airstrip at Hwange National Park

Tiny planes to and from Verney’s Camp in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe
View from our room. Armed guards walked us to/from our rooms at night as the elephants, and a pair of lions, were always nearby

Up to 700 elephants a day roam through the camp to the watering hole. Our tent in the background.

Verney’s Camp

Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill


Hoppy “in the bush”

Lilac breasted roller

Standoff, between me and my tent!

Hiding zebras

Blue moon over Africa

Acacia tree

South Africa

- 22 days
- 8 beds
- 9 planes
- 12 safari drives
- countless afternoon teas, sundowners, and safari coffee
- Meat eaten: ostrich, zebra, lamb, springbok, warthog, kudu, crocodile, biltong, boerewors, droewors, and some other questionable species
- Impala poop spitting contest (it’s a thing, and there’s video to prove it)

Now heading to Zurich and onto a few weeks trekking around Switzerland


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