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We love to travel and really enjoy doing the planning that goes into each trip. We like to share in hopes that others can have great travel experiences also. We do not accept payment of any type in regards to the recommendations we make. We believe that independent travel allows you to do more and see more. Being independent puts you in direct contact with locals and offers greater flexibilty to enjoy experiencing different ways of life, good food, and the heritage of local cultures.
We love to stay in the places that provide the best experience for where we are! Sometimes that may be in a clean but basic guest house with great character, or if the place warrants, luxury accommodations (purchased at a bargain). Mostly we stay in above average hotels, in GREAT locations.
We are not young or lean and mean, but we have learned the benefits of traveling light. The enjoyment of most of our “Open Jaw” itineraries will be greatly increased if you pack light. If you want a vacation that you can pack a trunk, check out our Getaways" posts.
As we plan we create easy to read spreadsheets to keep track of our research. These also serve as the perfect Trip-at-a-Glance which lays out the whole trip on a single 11X17 page. The Trip-at-a-Glance's have links to hotels and sights as well as the general travel and transportation info for each day.
We have converted our planning spreadsheets for your use. Just download the spreadsheet, fill-in your unique info, and print or take electronically on your trip.
If we can help with any trip information contact us at:

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