Zagreb, Croatia / Leg 2 Croatia/Slovenia

We missed Zagreb on our last trip to Croatia so it was great to spend a few days exploring it before heading to Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

A great smallish city with excellent food.

Dolac Market, held every day

Croatian's love their coffee. Great coffee everywhere 

Local supermarket treats

This is GREAT! Struk, local cheese and truffles! 

Four local wines, education, cheese, prosciutto, local pumpkin seed oil, herbed salt, a great Airbnb experience!

Natural Spring Fountain, where Zagreb got its name

Born in Croatia, raised in Serbia, both countries claim Tesla as their own

Planets to scale and hidden proper distance to large Sun sculpture in middle of town
We found 3 of them

Main train station which will take us to Slovenia next 

Crucial information

50 second funicular 

St Mark's Church

Our apartment was halfway up on the left, great location


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