Save Thai Elephants, Northern Thailand

After scoping out several elephant parks we chose this rescue center to spend some time with three old ladies 🐘🐘🐘. They’re happy and healthy now and don’t have to work in the industry anymore. We prepared their food, walked with them, fed them several times (our kind of species... eat, walk, eat again 😊). It was an incredible experience.

Several rescues/no riding sanctuaries in the northern Thai region. This particular one, Save Thai Elephants, is owned by a lady whose father was a vet and cared for elephants so she was around them all her life. The rescues pay big money to buy the elephants away from people who use them for tricks and touristy rides. We chopped vegetables and fruit for them, fed them, some programs you can play in the water with them (it was a little too chilly for them when we went). Highly recommended!


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