Romania and Bulgaria

We started planning this trip like most of the others we have planned; picking a place we have never been, acquiring books, searching the Internet, and then starting to put the draft itinerary  and details into our trip-at-a-glance spreadsheet format. We were rolling along when we discovered Compass Travel on-line. Their itinerary seemed very close to what we wanted to do. We contacted them  (Andrei) and he was very flexible to accommodate our desires. This was a private guide and driver situation and the pricing was very reasonable. We were very apprehensive about being with a full-time guide for so long, but it could not have worked out better. I'm sure we saw many places that we would not have been able to find on our own.  Marcel is one of the best guides we have ever had. In lieu of our normal spreadsheet for information on this trip please click on Compass Travel in our Favorite Links area.


Bucharest: Palace of Parliament, 2nd Largest Building in the World

Revolution Square

Lunch at Hunchback's / Traditional Romanian Skinless Sausage

14th Century Cozia Monastery

 Church in Sibiu

 Raw Milk Dispenser

Sibiu Market 

Huniady Castle


Maramures Region

Sapinta's Merry Cemetery, Each Wooden Cross has a Funny Epitaph 

Worlds Tallest Wooden Church / Very Close to Ukrainian Border 

Wooden Whirlpool Rug Washing Machine 

 Marcel / World's Best Guide 

Sighet Market 

Communist Political Prison

Baby Crib and  Jail 

The Maramures Region is Known for their Wooden Gates 

Master Wood Carver  who was featured in 1999 Smithsonian Folk Festival in DC  

Barsana Monastery 

 Traditional Mask Maker 

Spent the day seeing 4 of the 8 Bucovina Painted Monasteries / UNESCO 

 Black Pottery Workshop

 Lunch at a Private Home 

Kids Selling Mushrooms / "Hey Mr. put us on the Internet" Done!

Bizaz Gorge

 Red Lake 

Visit to Gypsy Home 




 Bran Castle / Vlad the Impaler or Dracula


Peles Castle / Royal Residences of King Charles I 


Ivanovo Rock Hewn Churchs

Veliko Tarnovo (Room with a View)

Russian  Church Rose Valley 

Kazanlak Thracian Tomb

Roman Ruins Plovdiv 

Museum House, Plovdiv 

Roman Ruins, Plovdiv

Communist Housing 

Cool Kids!

Rila Monastery / Founded 10th Century by St. Ivan Rilsky

Sofia / National History Museum / Housed in old Communist Conference Center 


President's Office 

Sofia Great Synagogue 

Presidential Changing of the Guard

Last Day! Draw!


Mary Tice said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!l

TravelerLu said...

We used Compass Tour for a two week tour of Romania and Bulgaria. It was pretty amazing, and your pictures brought back so many great experiences. Our guide, Marion, was also one of the best we've had anywhere!