Spain and Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) Overview

Our trip started with inexpensive round trip tickets to Madrid. We have been to Spain several times but still had not explored Madrid, Valencia, Granada, Cordoba, or Cadiz, which were all very high on our list. We were originally going to visit Poland again for half of this trip, but with the Russian/Ukrainian war going on, we knew the Poles would  be focused on helping Ukrainians so we found inexpensive tickets from Spain to Denmark and back to Madrid from Norway. We have always wanted to go to Scandinavia and decided to splurge  on   a 30 day first visit.  Altogether the stats for this trip were; 72 days, 4 countries, 25 beds, 3 rental cars, countless trains and buses, temperatures from 34° to 92°, two carry-on bags.. 

Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and back to Spain  (Late March to June 1, 2022) 

 🇪🇸 🇩🇰🇸🇪🇳🇴🇪🇸: Madrid > Cuenca > Valencia > Granada > Costa del Sol (Setenil/Ronda) > Cordoba > Seville > Cadiz > Seville > Billund (Jutland) > Aero Island > Odense > Copenhagen > Malmo > Kalmar > Visby > Stockholm > Karlstad > Oslo > Fläm > Bergen > Madrid > Toledo > Madrid  

Spain  Itinerary 

Scandinavia Itinerary 

I’ll do a separate post for each of the legs above 

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